Jaycees Scholarship

The Sheboygan Jaycees Foundation offers two $1,500.00 scholarships each year to Sheboygan-area high school seniors (high schools included: Sheboygan North, Sheboygan South, Central, George D. Warriner, Étude, Sheboygan Christian, and Sheboygan Lutheran). Winners are selected in March, and certificates are presented in April/May at the scholarship awards ceremony at each recipient’s school. Selection is based on community involvement, community service, leadership roles, and volunteer activities. Each applicant must complete the application form, write an essay stating career and educational objective(s), explain how the Jaycee Creed relates to his/her own values and vision, and submit two letters of recommendation from teacher(s), coach(es), school counselor, employer, etc. The application form becomes available in January each year. Our scholarship program is made possible by the funds raised through our annual Brat Days event.

Jaycee Creed

We believe:
-Faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;
-The brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;
-Economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;
-Government should be of laws rather than of men;
-Earth’s great treasure lies in human personality;
-And service to humanity is the BEST WORK OF LIFE!

2024 Recipients
Brooke Hess (North High)
Peyton Roethel (Lutheran High)

2023 Recipients
Abigail Reinl (North High)
Josue Uribe (South High)

2022 Recipients
Madeline Brashaw (North High)
Ambryn Diener (Lutheran High)

2021 Recipients
Madisyn Zylstra (Christian High)
James Pape (Lutheran High)

2020 Recipients
Emma Meiselwitz (North High)
Allison Kreft (North High)

2019 Recipients
Alexia Garcia (South High)
Ashley Leider (George D. Warriner High School)

2018 Recipients
Mariah Platz (North High)
Ezekiel Zietlow (North High)

2017 Recipients
Natalie Madson (Lutheran High)
Alec Wisse (Christian High)

2016 Recipients
Caitlin Kaiser (Lutheran High)
Ross Claypool (North High)

2015 Recipients
Abigail Hittman (South High)
Jackie Wisse (Christian High)

2014 Recipients
Christina Woelfel (North High)
Martha Steffen (Lutheran High)

2013 Recipients
Eric Feudner (South High)
Tshachee Lee (South High)

2012 Recipients
Chelsea Reineke (South High)
Jennifer Drews (North High)

2011 Recipients
Wendy Yang (South High)
Kyle Kozak (George D. Warriner High School)

2010 Recipients
Sara Schumacher (Lutheran High)
Tom Nonnweiler (North High)

2009 Recipients
Angela Scharrer (North High)
Samuel Gilbertson (North High)

2008 Recipients
Alex Conway (North High)
Katie Kozak (North High)